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Dog Gift Box with Heart Paw Hang-Up!

Dog Gift Box with Heart Paw Hang-Up!


This adorable dog gift box has something for everyone! This cute gold box comes with a lamb-chop toy, small nylabone, "Chuckit" toy, stuffing-less crinkle toy, and some dog treats! As an added bonus, each box also comes with one of our signature heart paw hang-ups! These hang-ups are the perfect decoration for your wall or fridge, and express your love for animals, as well as  your support for small animal-loving businesses ;)


All boxes come decorated with silver and gold ribbon, and a special separate box for your heart paw hang-up. These boxes are a great value, and if you use Sezzle, you can get your box for as low as $12 down! Don't your babies deserve it?

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